Giorgia Furlan

Written by:

Giorgia Furlan, Josella Porto e Alessia Arcolaci

Directed by:

Gabriele Ciances e Giulia Baciocchi


Swamy Rotolo e Grecia Rotolo


“Calabria is a magical land, made of wonders and legends, and this is one of them. The sea gave it back to us”. A dreamlike journey through myths and legends that drifts around the Riace Warriors. Fifty years after their discovery, restorer Cosimo Schepis tells us the story of these magnificent bronze statues. In the meanwhile Swamy Rotolo (winner of the “David di Donatello” for Best Leading Actress) and her sister, Grecia, explore the beautiful calabrian landscapes in search of the many still hidden treasures from the Magna Grecia era.

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