Non Fiction Films + Tv Series + Web Series

Specialists in Reality storytelling

We do not produce special reports, nor do we make the case for a specific standpoint or thesis. We tell stories, identifying a narrative structure within reality, exploring universal themes even when dealing with individual characters. Our particular strengths are: identity, perspective and an emotional, immersive language.

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Wings of Dust

Oscars 2024 - Shortlisted in the Short Film category

The guys who faced the mafia

Winner of XXXI National Award “Paolo Borsellino”

DIA 1991

Awarded at the International Police Arts Festival 2022

Italian Genius

Ossi di Seppia serie non fiction RaiPlay

Cuttlefish Bones

Genoa 11:36 AM

Dying of fear


ES17 – The Web Series

ES17 – Baby Gangs In Naples

A Sea Of Shame

Anis Amri: How A Terrorist Is Made

Falcone, Borsellino And The Others

Nine Days In Cairo

Pope Francis: As God Intended

The Last Stadium

The Dark Side Of The Sea

The Last Stadium