Winner of XXXI National Award “Paolo Borsellino”


Giorgia Furlan

Written by:

Giorgia Furlan, Alessia Arcolaci and Josella Porto

Directed by:

Gabriele Ciances


Thirty years after the mafia massacres of 1992, both Rosaria Costa (Officer Vito Schifani’s widow) and Salvatore Lopresti (a member of the Close Protection office of the Italian Po-lice in Palermo) retrace the tragic events that changed their lives forever. Rosaria was only 22 years old when her husband died in the Capaci bombing. All her hopes and dreams having a live together came crashing down at the same moment the car exploded with Vito inside. On top of that, she needed to raise their newborn child on her own. Next to Vito, Antonio Montinaro, Rocco Dicillo, Emanuela Loi, Eddie Walter Cosina, Claudio Traina, Vincenzo Li Muli, and Agostino Catalano also lost their lives in the bombings of Capaci and Via D’Amelio. They were all Salvatores colleagues and friends, and he watched them fall one by one. Still today, Rosaria and Salvatore hope that with the affirmation of truth and justice they will be able to overcome these losses.

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