Student Academy Awards 2023 – Gold Medal
96th Academy Awards, Oscars 2024 – Shortlisted in the Short Film category

Directed by:

Giorgio Ghiotto

Produced by:

Laura Guglielmetti e Mauro Parissone


The sacrifice of a father, the struggle of a community, the unshakable strength in the face of environmental injustice.
In the heart of the Cusco region in Peru, Vidal Merma, an independent journalist, fights every day to protect once pure water sources, now endangered by wild industrialization. While international mining companies are engaged in extractive operations just a few kilometers from his Quechua community, Vidal uses his modest radio channel and a small television station to denounce the disastrous environmental damage to rivers, wildlife and the health of his fellow citizens.
Despite multiple threats, including the cancellation of his media programs, criminal charges and intimidation aimed at his family, Vidal risks his life every day to ensure a different future, in which his son, Erik, can one day savor the simple joy of drinking clean water.
A fundamental theme is the way in which Vidal does independent journalism. Because this is also a story of journalism. A street journalism, far away in time and space, which brings us back to a rare authenticity. And it pushes us to ask ourselves a specific question: What is journalism today?

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